Welcome to Hospitalia by Yara.
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    Hospitalia by Yara is the latest business venture...
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    We are introducing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
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Welcome to Hospitalia by Yara

GCC’s leading cosmetic and medical center.

Our main mission is to satisfy clients’ wants and needs by ensuring to provide safe, reliable, FDA approved services, ethical techniques and approaches, the highest quality pharmaceutical and related health care products and of course, the latest, up-to-date machinery and technology.

What sets us apart from other clinics? The luxury, five-star, personal experience we offer our customers and our culturally diverse and inclusive community.

Worlds Top Doctors

We bring you top doctors from all around the world with impressive backgrounds and experience in aesthetics and other fields.

Latest Advanced Technology

We are using the world’s leading brand ‘Candela’ for our laser services in our Dermatology section and we are also using the leading brands for Botox & Fillers.

Our dental section houses all the latest edition of ‘Kavo’ which is known to be the Rolls Royce within the dentistry field.

Five Star Experience

Complimentary beverages, valet parking, concierge services, bespoke care package and an innovative mobile app and all amongst breathtaking architecture.

We are bringing the top western doctors to treat our patients, bringing you the professionalism and experience that so many of us seek elsewhere.

First Robotic Pharmacy in The Middle East

This advancement in technology provides you with a futuristic service and makes that trip to the pharmacy all the more aesthetically pleasing, especially for your children visiting robot.

Stocking a capacity of 1500+ medicines and other leading brands for all your health and wellbeing needs.

Meet Our Specialists

Our Top Doctors and Specialists from all around the World

“Becoming your ultimate self is a daily investment” - Yara Salman